10 May 2011

What's Been Cookin' in My Place?

I have been a busy Ryanne the past few days!

Last week I made an awesome homemade Banana Pudding with a meringue topping. It was so good that my boyfriend wants to make it again! I also received the greatest a compliment a girl can receive, "It's just like my mom made... it reminds me of my childhood!" I only wish I had taken a picture... Next time.

Then on my Mother's Day I made Lemon Blueberry Bars. My boyfriend planned on cooking for his mom on Sunday & I offered to help since he had to go into work on his weekend days off. (If I were in the same state as my mom I'd cook for her... I guess I'll make up for that later). I did not take a picture of this either...boo! It was so refreshing on a hot Tennessee Spring evening. I'll describe this delicious dessert to you... shortbread crust topped with fresh blueberries & a lemony ricotta cheesecake filling! It hit the spot perfectly after eating linguine & shrimp!

Last night I made a great salmon dish. First I seasoned the salmon with salt & pepper then sauteed it in olive oil. While the salmon was cooking I boiled penne pasta. When the salmon was almost done I squeezed on a little lemon juice. While the salmon rested I sauteed thinly sliced tomatoes in olive oil, salt & pepper. Once the tomatoes were soft I added a couple of tablespoons ricotta cheese and a little bit of lemon juice. The pasta was finished so I saved a little bit of the pasta water & then drained the rest of the water. The ricotta was almost melted so I added the little bit of pasta water I saved & tore up a couple basil leaves. I added the pasta to the skillet to coat the noodles. Once the noodles were coated in the sauce I placed everything on my plate & topped it off with the salmon! It was so good! I'm making this again on Friday for 2 instead of 1! I actually have a picture for this one! Note: not the most beautiful documentation since this was taken with my camera phone but let me assure you that it was awesome!

Salmon with Tomatoes & Lemon Ricotta Sauce

Well, I guess this is all for now. I plan on making Strawberry Rhurbarb Pie and my own version of Cioppino this Saturday with my boyfriend. It'll be so good! I can't wait!

'Til then.... A tout a l'heure!

26 April 2011

Where have I been?

I started my blog in an attempt to write out my thoughts & record my adventures. Obviously this has not happened.... The past few months have been busy. I wish I could say that I have done many cool things & travelled to many cool places but I have not. 
I think that I was stuck in a rut for a long time. I didn't know how to not isolate myself & experience life. I am learning how again. I think things happen in life & sometimes you need to be alone for awhile. I attempted this towards the end of the summer, but I became side tracked & unmotivated.
Then something amazing happened... 
One of my best friends from college visited Nashville for New Year's Eve! It was great to have such a positive friend arrive the day after my grandmother's funeral. (My grandmother died 2 days after Christmas.)  We had so much fun hanging out with another friend from college. (Ten years is a long time to remain friends, especially when we're all over the country.)
It is funny because we always make plans, but nothing ever goes as planned. The thing is, we laugh & just go with it. New Year's Eve was one of those evenings. I am most grateful for this because it was the BEST NYE I have ever had!
We ended up at The Flying Saucer which is adjacent to the the Frist Center Art Museum. My friends & I were laughing about old times & it was like we were in college again. At some point a waitress came by to let us know some guys a couple tables away offered to buy us a round of drinks. Being the typical human, we gladly accepted with a delighted smile. A few minutes later the guys came by our table (one of the few remaining in the packed venue) & asked if they could join us. Of course we said, "yes"! 
The night continued to be amazing & fun. The staff brought out party favors & I began to laugh so hard because the mini horns reminded me of Vuvuzelas, which of course were made famous at the 2011 World Cup in South Africa. 
At some point the guy across the table began talking to me. At the time I had much on my mind (due to the intense week I had just experienced) & he asked me to dance. Of course I welcomed any distraction because I wanted to have a fun night. I laughed so much & felt so much weight lift from my shoulders. We danced a lot that night & I must say I saw many sparks... not just the sparks from the pyrotechnics outside...
As the night ended contact information was given. I honestly didn't expect to hear from him because the night was so random & carefree.
I did hear from him & the first time we went out was surreal. Every time with him since then has been amazing. I kayaked for the first time with him & it was so much fun!
I feel like I am back to being me again this year. I have him to thank. Not sure if he'll come across the blog because I have not told him about it, but if he does, I hope he smiles because he makes me smile.
One thing I plan to do may be typical but I want to write about the recipes I love. Some I have made up & some I have personalized from cookbooks I own.
This weekend I am going to make banana pudding for my awesome boyfriend. He loves it & so do I which makes the dessert even better! I enjoy cooking & baking for him. It makes him happy & it fun to see his big smile when I surprise him with a homemade treat. 
I like being able to say that I have a boyfriend. It is one of those things that I think many take for granted. I look forward to seeing him more & more every day!
Well off I go... after all it is dinner time. 

19 July 2010

When Friends Become Family

This past Saturday my dear friends welcomed their first child into the world. It was wonderful to see them at the hospital the next day. The last few days seemed like an eternity to them because I know they wanted to hold their little son more than anything in the world.
Now that he is here, it is great to see how much he is loved already. All their friends are there to support them and shower them with well wishes. They will be great parents!
I have known this couple for a long time now & I am grateful that I have them as friends. When I am down, they bring me up. Their extended families are great as well. It is nice to have great friends around when your family is not in the area.
Many of my other friends in Nashville have become like family too. I guess that happens when you cook & do so much together.
True friends are there for you during the least glamorous moments in your life. You celebrate the joyous occasions together & comfort each other when you are rock bottom. Many of my friends were there for me after my robbery last year. It was hard for me to be "normal" and they let me deal with it at my own pace & never rushed me. They could tell when I needed a hug or that extra bit of attention.
In less than a second your life can change forever, I know from experience. 
So, what do you to cope with the constant change of life in this crazy world? You take everything in stride and have fun with your friends. You make the best with what you have and enjoy life.
You also enjoy the delicious food that God created for us to eat.
Friends become family when you are comfortable with them seeing your messy house as well! jaja!

~Le fin du jour~

07 July 2010

Just sittin' here....

So, I am just sitting here trying to think of what to write for my first post. I have nothing profound to say- I'm not a philosopher so I'm sure this will be the case most of the time...

I would like to say that there are so many things that I dream to do. I, like many other people, want to travel the world. I want to see Paris, Madrid, Cairo, Victoria Falls, Bali, Sumatra, Thailand & countless other places. I admit that I want to see the typical tourist traps, but I want to see so much more. I want to see the culture & learn about the culture. I want to meet the people & learn their customs. I also want to help people along the way. There is so much poverty in the world. I know is a problem that is so big that one person cannot solve it alone, but maybe if we give the impoverished the tools they need to have a better life the situation could change. People also have to want to grow, you can't change someone if he/she doesn't want to change themselves. A concept many tend not to grasp.

I am learning to be more open about myself and my dreams. I want to take more chances and risks. I know if I do then more opportunities may come my way.
So, this is the beginning of something new. More to come, who knows I may throw in random recipes that I like to make up when I'm bored!